Complaints Procedure

At Avonvale Equine Practice we strive to provide the best possible standard of care for our clients and we hope that you will never have recourse to complain about the service received from our team.  However, if you have any issues or a complaint you would like to raise, then please follow our complaints procedure. 


First steps:

In the first instance, please speak to the vet who dealt with your case.  It may be that there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication and sometimes queries can be resolved quickly. 

If you feel you have not received a satisfactory resolution to your issue then contact the Practice Manager, Debbie Glover, in writing via email to: or by letter.  The Practice Manager will acknowledge your communication as quickly as possible or within 5 working days. 

Next steps:

The Practice Manager will investigate with the attending vet and review the case.  In most cases we hope to give you a full reply within 14 days but should we be unable to reply within this timeframe, we will get in touch to advise you.  We take any form of complaint very seriously and we therefore want to ensure that you are kept fully informed at all stages of the process.  Should we feel that we are unable to resolve a complaint we will refer the case to our indemnity insurers who will take up the complaint on our behalf.

Please note that we are only able to communicate with the owner we were dealing with at the time of the treatment rather than a third party.  We keep comprehensive notes during treatment, including any communications we’ve had with the client.

Hopefully after a full investigation we will be able to resolve any issue or complaint that you may have.

Invoice Queries:

For invoice queries or disputes, in the first instance please email our Accounts Team who will investigate and respond within 3 working days via  If the Accounts Team are unable to answer your query satisfactorily it will be passed to the Practice Manager for review.